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Rowan Musson"Hello and welcome.

With over 15 years of weapon making experience and 5 years of leather working I pride myself on the work I produce.
I started creating weapons shortly after starting live action role-play as I couldn't find or afford anything I liked. Luckily I had some very good friends who told me how to start. Over the years my skill and knowledge increased and I started producing for my friends and groups. After some thought and reflection I decided that there was a good demand for my equipment and I knew I could offer something special to players. Which brought us to where you are now – Blood on the blade!

I love the work that I do and I believe that shows in my products and our service to you as a customer. Hopefully you'll see us out at events over the next year or so, so keep your eyes open and come say hello!”

Rowan Musson


Our aim at BOTB
• To supply the highest quality armour and weapons that you won't find anywhere else!
• To make your items to your ideas, not what's on our shelf or our back catalogue!
• To make armour to your measurements so fit's you right everywhere!
• To make armour unique, I don't use pre-made patterns!
• We offer a repair service to Weapons and armour, if we can't repair it we'll offer you credit!

Our promise to you as a customer
• We WON'T create your item then mass produce it!
• We WON'T replicate your item for another player without your consent! 

During the design process we will happily supply sketches or graphical mock ups of your piece.

If you are part of a group or club then please contact us about group and club offers!

If you have any questions or if you're interested in a product then please contact us!
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